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Thank God it's Good Friday

He was not good looking.

He was not successful.

He was not envied.

He was a man of sorrows.

Acquainted with grief.

He knew what He was doing for me, and I did not.

I betrayed Him.

I rejected Him.

I misunderstood Him.

I misrepresented Him.

I gossiped about Him.

I deserted Him.

I beat Him.

I pierced Him.

I wounded Him.

I killed Him.

That is what makes Good Friday meaningful. Purposeful. Personal.

And yet He has come for me.

He always-and-forever-will-be for me.

And for you too.

It is unfathomable.

He went to the depths, and rose back up.

Because of Him, I will too.

Thank you, God, for Good Friday.

Thank you, God.

The sky is black.

Sunday is coming.

jsg/march 18

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