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Go Big Or Go Home.

You know when you slowly wake up to the fact that the Lord is just saying the same thing to you over and over and over again? Well, I'm getting it loud and clear.

1. My godfather gives me bulbs for Christmas. This year they seem to have been lovelier than ever. Just when you think the tulips are over, they give it one more "college try" and go ALL OUT to take your breath away.

2. I bought my daughter some lilies from the supermarket for her birthday. I thought they'd be pretty but, for pity's sake, they've turned out to be spectacular.

3. I had some portraits taken of said daughter to mark her 18th birthday. When I got them back, I was blown away by the candour of her gaze. As if she were saying, "Yeah, Life? You better believe I'm coming at ya." No hiding, no "Little ol' me". She looked directly into the lens and said, "I'M READY."

4. I had an old school friend come to lunch on Sunday. We hadn't seen each other in eight years. She had retired and said, "Being a humanist, I take this "one life only" thing really seriously."

I listened to her and thought, "As a Christian, I can honestly say I agree with you."

5. Then, yesterday, I was coaching a brilliant individual and she was so meek about her accomplishments. I wanted to cry out, "WHY?? Why aren't you like the tulips, or the lilies, or my daughter? Why aren't you celebrating all that you have contributed to make our life on this planet a better place?"

So it's coming at me from all sides. This sense of "One Life Only", "Who Are You?" "What Are You Going To Bring To The Table?" and those outrageous tulips - "See me? THIS IS IT!! ONE SHOT!! I'M GOING ALL OUT!!"




I get it, Father. No more: "I just need to pay my bills..." It's not going to cut it when I see You face to face.

I hear Him say, "Josie, I gave you ALL THESE GIFTS. What did you do with them?"

So, I'm stepping up. I'm choosing to go big.

I'm not going to apologise. I'm not going to feel small.

I've got THIS. LIFE. ONLY.

And I'm going to "BRING IT!"

Can you hear what He's saying to you?

jsg/may 2021


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