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How will you spell your life?

The flipping of just two letters changes it from a place of darkness to a place of Light. From a place of aloneness to a place of union, intimacy, and hope.

An opportunity to be scared is also an opportunity to be reminded of the sacred.

How will I view these circumstances?

Who is really in control?

What is all this really about?

The times in my life where God has most proved my faith to me, have been the worst of times -- yet the best of times for discovering what my faith is truly made of. When the chips are really down and the stakes are really high. Whom will I choose then? On what will I stand no matter the outcome? Who will guide me to navigate these heights? Who will catch me if I fall?

When I look back at my life, I can easily spot God in the darkest moments because it is then that He is easiest to see. He was the only One left. I couldn't always see Him clearly in the moment, but in the remembrance. Not just of what did happen, but of what didn't. Of who came in, of what was said, of what was done or of what never happened. Every moment, even in the dark, I could see Him dimly because Light was there.

God is constantly giving me opportunities to correct my spelling. Last night I was worried to spend a small fortune protecting our computers. Just as I sat there angst-ing, my phone pinged with a message from another single mother who couldn't buy her kid shoes. Could I help? My spelling got adjusted and I Ieapt.

The mercy is in the reminder. Every single time.

How will you spell your life?

Whom will you choose?

jsg/June 2018

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