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Never the less.

When things change, remember what hasn't.

As much as you may be thrown by something that happens, it has not changed everything. No, it really has not.

So, when you come up for air, re-contextualise the new information not as the unexpected atomic bomb, but as a new feature in a landscape that - in its essence - remains the same. A landscape that includes (perhaps) your kids, your health, your friends, music, clean water (thankfully), oxygen, God. You are still you. Yes, you are.

Because life will slap us, won't it? You have a plan, you have a goal, you have things lined up and BAM. Not quite as we thought that was going to go down! And sometimes several of our constants get obliterated at once. But not all of them. Others will still remain, because some always do.

Change is constant, and refocusing cannot be instant. Often you have to feel the blow and let your body cave to its impact before you can straighten up again and re-catch your breath. And you're probably bruised, so gently does it.

Denial is not our friend. It's cosy under the duvet but you can't stay there. Denial of change just delays our ability to contextualise what's changed. And in the meantime the impact has gone somewhere, but where? Nowhere healthy.

Here's the thing, change must be faced because mostly it won't change back. So we need to give ourselves a bit of time or even a lot of time to accommodate it. The right amount of time for you is something only you can discover. So be kind to yourself. BE KIND. (And ignore those who try to tell you what they think you should do. Are they you? Call me old fashioned but, no, they are not.)

From my own experience, I can tell you this. In the midst of your new reality you will - without fail - discover grace notes. Nothing can extinguish those. Look for them, recognise them, be grateful for them.

The truth will out/time will tell and there will be a redemptive plan. Never the less.

Remember, God's brought you this far --

He's not going to abandon you now.

jsg/July 18

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