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Working Girl.










Where was I going to be able to find a job that incorporated all that disparate experience? Who was going to be able to come up with that?

And yet, here it is. I'm coaching executives in communication skills. On the equivalent of Wall Street.

The environment is all steel, and glass, and suits, and seriousness, and leather. Yet my role is colour, and light, and insight, and laughter, and perspective.

I love it. My entire job is to encourage people. It doesn't even really feel like work, even when I'm knackered on the Tube at the end of a day.

It's the joy of working. The gift of it. Of providing. Of making ends meet. Entirely on my own in the physical realm, entirely accompanied and empowered and encouraged in the spiritual one.

I thought I would only be able to find some humdrum-admin-dull-as-death occupation that I could struggle forward with in obedience and endurance to provide for me and the kids. Oh me of little faith. This job, which God had waiting for me at the end of a long tunnel, reflects a GRACE that could only result in repentance at the terribly little I had previously imagined might be possible.

Is that where you are? Do you look at your life and think, "Who in the world could make sense of all this mess?"

Well there is Someone.

Don't give up.

jsg/oct 2018

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