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Taking the Macro View.

Praise is like a hot air balloon. Thankfulness for all that we do have - and principally for Jesus Himself - raises us above our circumstances and gives us a clearer view.

Immediately we get context:

"Oh look there's a lovely village over there."

"Oh look it's not all boring motorway at all!"

"Wow, these trees are part of a huge wood!"

"There is a spectacular view when I get to the top of this hill!"

"Yes this is a valley, but it is only part of a massive and majestic mountain range."

"There's the beach!"

And up we go, even higher, to rise above the clouds and storm and see again the glory of God. We see how tiny we are and remember how extraordinary it is that we should be so infinitely loved, cared for, known, cherished and even here.

How ridiculous to think I can keep on top of everything (I have reminded myself of this before...)

Lord, lead me to the rock that is higher than I so I can see it all from Your perspective.

For You have been my refuge.

A strong tower against the foe.

jsg/oct 19

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