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A Bright and Shining Path.

It's a new year. But it's not just that, it is our new year.

Mine is not yours nor yours mine. It is not what it might have been, it is not what it will be (God willing) next year. It is what it is right now. And it's ours.

I say to my children that life is divided into two boxes:

There is no bridge between these two lives and, of course, the one on the right doesn't even exist.

If we are to live, we must choose the life we have. The bright and shining path that is stretched out before us which is, in itself, a gift. It might not be there at all. And there is nothing to be discovered on the other path (no matter how much we cry over it) because it's simply not there.

To the right and left of the path that is, there's only muddy fields and scrub. No path at all, just somewhere to wait (for what?) or get bogged down or watch others living.

So, what is the path right in front of you? What's on that? What might we find?

Let's go explore it.

jsg/jan 2020

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