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You've Got One Job.

I get up super early in the mornings. I really look forward to it. A remarkably productive time of day where the length of the hours is doubled and no one disturbs you.

I got up this morning as usual, let the dogs out and, as I looked up at the awakening day, directly in my sight line low in the sky was a lone star. I know it was lone because I immediately looked up to find others but not a one.

Maybe it’s a satellite, I thought, and turned back to making my tea.

Went back five minutes later. Nope. Still there, unmoving.

I moved towards my tasks for the day. Went back.

Yup, still there. Just doing its thing.

Why are you there and why am I seeing you? I thought.

I sat down at my desk and stopped. Went back.

Don't want to miss it, I thought. I stood in the backdoor with my tea looking at the awakening day and watching my little star shine shine shine on. No one around her, no one near, day beginning, night time gone. If I'd been sleeping I'd have missed her stellar display.

That's the point, I thought.

She's got one job, and she’s doing it.

Shine on.

Jsg/nov 2020


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